Windows Insider Fast Ring .... a glimmer of hope!

If youre not on the Fast Ring / RS2 then this isn't for you...

So, as we all know there are some BIG issues with Bluetooth comms on the Fast Ring / RS2 builds effecting wearables - Garmin, Vector, MS Bans etc.

Been on the most recent build 14977 and same issues with BT disconnecting etc...

But, somehow a build 14998.1000 slipped out (by accident maybe) to my 950XL and I can confirm that the BT is stable, reconnects when I have been away from the phone and even without GC being open....

Good news indeed and hope the next few builds get even more stable!

And hope 15002 doesn't break it :(
  • New version of the Garmin Connect Mobile app was released today (3.16.1) but unfortunately it does not fix my issues with notifications...

    Let's see what comes next ;)
  • Francisco CAIXA

    New insider preview today for mobile, but unfortunately still no notifications arriving at my Fenix 5...:(
  • New update - no connection on 630

    Updated to latest Connect Mobile and latest Windows 10 mobile and now there is no connection on my Forerunner 630 :-(
    April 11 is the date when the update for all to the Creators edition will occur so I would think a move to a better BT connectivity is near. Not a whisper from Garmin though?
  • Today I made an interesting observation... When I open the Garmin Connect Mobile app and it stays in foreground, when a notification arrives on my phone it is directly forwarded to my Fenix 5, so generally notifications work. But immediately after putting the app in background mode by switching to home screen or another app the notifications do not get delivered to the watch any more. I have already allowed the Garmin app to stay active in background by changing the corresponding options in Windows Phone settings, but still somehow the app is not working when in background mode. After switching back to the app sometimes the connection to the watch is still active, but most of the times it claims to have no connection to the it. To reconnect I can do 2 things: force closing of the app and restart it or disable and enable Bluetooth again. Did anybody else make such an observation?

  • The Creators Update for Windows Mobile is about to be released on the 25th of April. That means we have to wait at least 3 weeks to see if Garmin will release something that implements new GATT APIs in Windows...
  • Well it's been released to the insider slow ring the other day, so it wouldn't be very hard for Garmin to be checking it out right now, and have something ready for the 25th.
  • Well it's been released to the insider slow ring the other day, so it wouldn't be very hard for Garmin to be checking it out right now, and have something ready for the 25th.

    I totally agree, but obviously Garmin is not interested in users beta testing their apps. But as in the Fenix forums a beta firmware has been officially released to interested users, maybe something will change... ;)
  • Fenic 3 HR Sync not working, notifications not working, Windows Phone RS2

    Fast Ring. Probably final RS2 build, so I expect little change on Microsoft's side for this release.
    It was better for a while then everything stopped working.
    I get frequent connect/disconnect messages on the fenix 3 HR. I might be getting current live data such as steps, but that isn't synced.

    Anyone having better luck?
    I suspect we need a new version of Connect from Garmin.
  • The official release for the Creators Update start tomorrow, the mass rollout 1-2 weeks later. Let's see if Garmin updates their app based on the desktop version of the Creators Update or the mobile one...