Video player crashing and .FIT file sync are killing this thing

Two issues that pretty much make me want to give up.

1. If you have a long video, say 30 minutes or so, if you split it too many times, say 10 or more, every time you split from that point on the video player with crash and virb edit will need to be restarted before you can go on. All work is saved at least, but it's annoying.

The bigger issue and the reason I bought this over a gopro and third party software was because it seemed like the video and .FIT data would work well right out of the box. It doesn't.
1. The sync is only ever within 100ft or so on first GPS import. This is probably not a problem for the Elite because it gets it's time form satellites, but the Basic you would think the basic could get the time from the Edge 510 code the video to that.

The rest of these is because I have to go in and try and sync the video, so if the video to GPS worked as advertised, this probably wouldn't need fixing.

2. When you adjust the GPS data, the first thing it does is zoom way out from where you were just looking, so even if all you needed to do was move it 2mm, now you have to zoom all the way back in and figure out where you are.

3. Would it be possible to leave the gauges on the video so if there is cadence data and you know the moment you stopped pedalling, because you can hear the freewheel in the video, it would make it easier to line up.

4. Often times when you adjust GPS data for any video clip, the first video clip gets updated with that same data. My workaround has been to work on that last.

5 If there are consecutive clips from the Loop function, it would be nice A. not to have to add GPS to each of them and B. it would be nice to edit the GPS data for all of those consecutive clips at the same time.
  • I apologize for the trouble.

    1a. That is certainly concerning. Does it give you an error message when it crashes that you can report to Garmin? Or does VIRB Edit just go away?

    1b. You are correct that this should not be an issue on the Elite. For the Basic, I am not entirely sure if the camera can or could potentially sync its time with the GPS time from an Edge. That would sure make syncing video to track much more reliable. I'll inquire if we can do something device-side there. In the mean-time, you do want to make sure to set the time on the VIRB Basic as precisely as you can so it matches the GPS time from the Edge. Spending a minute to do this before your ride will save you from having to fiddle much with adjusting after the ride.

    2. 3. & 5. Good suggestions. 2 & 3 we should be able to make happen relatively easily. 5 is a bit harder.

    4. That would be a bug that we certainly like to fix. Can you reproduce this reliably?
  • 1a. Attached is a screenshot of the video stopping after this, you can click on other things but the video will not work until you exit and relaunch. This is after 5 splits of a 30min video clip

    edit: and now every time I split or trim a clip from the same original video, it does the same thing.
  • update on 1a, If you use less gauges, it seems to lock up less.

    1b. The problem is that the time sets to the minute when humans can detect differences in what they see and hear in milliseconds (just look up audio lag in video games like Rocksmith). So even being off 60 seconds will have gauges spinning up while the screen is still.

    On 4.
    If you edit a particular clip a number of times, then the clip before it can end up with the same GPS data. It is not necessarily just the first clip. I think the telltail sign this is about to happen is when you "Adjust" GPS Track and it shows you the whole ride in black (and not gray for most of it with just black where that clip is supposed to be).

    GPS Time Sync
    Another thing I noticed: I decided before I split a single section of one of the videos, I would get the GPS tracks nailed down, in hopes that then all the clips would be spot on. So I spent quite a bit of time on a turn where I could hear my freewheel and see the power meter to get it just right. It was perfect. Then I noticed as I split and trimmed the video, the sync became off by a lot, maybe 30 o 40 seconds.

    By the way, I think this product has potential, it is just not there yet. Last night when I posted I was frustrated. I had been messing with video for hours and when I realized the GPS data was off on every little clip, I was ready to throw my laptop across the room. They were short 10 second clips, there were not a lot of landmarks, but the sound to data was terribly off. Same thing happened again tonight, but I expected it, so it was not as bad.

    Don't get discouraged and thank you for looking at my findings and for following the Virb board in general, that kind of dedication seems rare these days and it is much appreciated.
  • Thank you for the follow-up.

    We are aware of issue 1a. We put some band-aids into 2.3.2 that might help with this, but will keep investigating it further.

    I'll check with the device team to see if we can allow setting the time at least to the second. Syncing up with a device would of course be even better.

    We'll look into what might be going on with alignment as well.

    Thanks again.