VIRB Edit OSX 5.4.3

I've got serious issues with VIRB Edit, and I just discovered that both the Mac and Windows version have not been updated since November and December 2018 respectively; that's almost TWO YEARS OF NO DEVELOPMENT.

Is this software dead?

I just started using VIRB Edit 5.4.3 under OS X and it has massive bugs:  The GPS sync data is off (i.e. the MPH and heading readings do not reflect the video); it seems to stop responding to user interactions while playing video (I can't stop playback; it almost always won't play at the position clicked on the timeline bar; the video suddenly stops playing while the audio continues, etc).

I really like the ability to overlay various GPS data via Gauges, and this is why I'm trying to use VIRB Edit.

These issues occur both on my 2012 Mac Pro 12-core 3.46GHz desktop running Mojave and my 2012 MacBook Pro dual-core 2.93GHz running Catalina; performance is dismal on the laptop.

But in its present state, the OS X version it's completely unusable.  I'm contemplating boot my Mac Pro into Windows to try VIRB Edit to give it shot.

Are there any third party software that provides similar editing functionality, specifically involving incorporating GPS data?

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