Gmetrix data will not load on VIRB Edit - MacOS Mojave

I am using an Garmin forerunner 935 + Virb Edit 5.4.3 + Mac OS Mojave
I have tried importing the Fit File from the"Import Gmetix"
The resulting video has data will not load option and the data is there I have also imported data from the File but this will not transfer to the gauges.

Thank you.
  • Hi sukree,

    It's possible that the time in the .fit file you imported doesn't match up with what VirbEdit detected as the time for the video. This is particularly common when importing videos without the .fit file from the camera, or if the camera hadn't acquired a GPS lock in a while. If that's the case you'll need to use the G-Metrix Sync option to manually sync the video with the FIT data.