Virb 360 Edit Not Stitching

I downloaded some sample unstitched files from DCRainmaker so I could test the performance of editing on my machine before purchasing the Virb 360. I can import and see both files (front and back) but see no option to stitch them. When I select them to edit it looks like they will both be exported serially not stitched. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • I Have the 360 and have been timelapsing a project each day. Shooting RAW. Most have been imported as both separate lenses and as a stitched 5.7k file, Yay! BUT the last few days have not been stitched and in the Mac version there is no way (I can see) to stitch in vib edit.
    BUT I think I have a solution / cause for no stitch.
    It appears after an extensive test (one desktop test) that GPS needs to be ON... I had turned it off the other day since it was on a tripod all day and to save power.
    Just turned it back on, did a 20sec clip, imported stitched!

    Try it!