Random clips with little camera icon?

Certain clips are importing into VIRB Edit (Mac) with little camera icons in the lower right hand corner (see pic). When I try and use these clips in my movie, they play all distorted--as though they're being viewed through a standard browser. It seems random, but I've tried deleting and re-importing these specific clips and they keep coming in the same way. Any idea what's causing this? ciq.forums.garmin.com/.../1289910.png
  • Hi MLRickards,
    Judging from the photo it looks like a number of things went wrong with the import. The icon in the corner indicates that the video is a time-lapse, but the duration implies it's not (either that or it was recorded over 5 hours). It also doesn't appear to have G-metrix associated with it, which should be a pretty rare occurrence.

    Can you let me know what camera firmware version and VIRB Edit version you're using? Also, if you could, right-click on the clip, select Get Info, and hit the "Copy UUID" button. That will copy a string to your clipboard that you can paste elsewhere. I'm curious if it starts with "VIRBactioncamera360_Timelapse" or if it's just "VIRBactioncamera360_Video".

    Did any of your other videos import with G-metrix? There should be a little cloud/graph bubble icon in the upper right.
  • Guess I should have checked back here earlier! Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I've updated the firmware since this clip was taken so I can't provide that information. It was whatever firmware existed in August 2017 when I purchased the camera. I did copy the UUID information and this is what it shows:


    The clip was 5 minutes and 6 seconds long--not 5 hours :)

    Not sure if that helps.