Homeport allways crashes

when plays a sonarrecording from Echomap 9sv UHD.

Sorry, but this is a shame, and i have now a other opinion from Garmin. The last update from Homeport was 16 months ago!!! Garmin please work and not only cash.
Does anybody have a solution?


  • not an answer, an endorsement, garmin software seems to be very problematic.  Just ventured over from Lowerance with a EchoMap 75SV, I think I be venturing back.   If I try to play a recorded sonar clip, it seems to play , but as soon as I mouse-over the black area, Homeport crashes.  I've tried the install on 3 different computers in my house and 1 different neighbours.  This is not anything to do with end users, Garmin is going to lose customers over this.

  • I’m dumbfounded that HomePort is as horrible as it is. I just spent $3k on a plotter and to have this program to use leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It feels like Garmin got my money and that’s all they care about. 
    do they (Garmin) not realize HomePort can very easily ruin their entire marine products? I mean this isn’t rocket science, it’s a PC program, paired to a device that operates on software. It’s like buying a top of the line gaming PC and running Windows 95 on it. 

    Wake up Garmin. It’s 2020, and time to dump this HomePort program from 2002. Throw some money at a coder, or two and give us something to utilize the state of the art sonar tech we’ve paid handsomely for. This isn’t a lot to ask, and it makes Garmin look like fools. 
    I mean no disrespect to those who’ve developed HomePort, but I can’t imagine anyone could defend this software with a straight face. 
    I can’t playback SideVu recordings, and I’m now starting to think that even recording them is pointless. Why they won’t playback on the very device that records and displays them is beyond me. Then the only option, without spending hundreds of 3rd party software, is this clunky, outdated, barely functioning program. It’s clear that Garmin has turned their backs on this aspect of their products, and their customers. Why is a baffling question. Did Livescope break the bank or something?

    Sorry for the rant. 

  • The same with my echomap UHD, the app crashes as soon I want to play de side vü record. Garmin please fix this !!