Garmin Express Update / Installation fails repeatedly

Hello @all,

i use 3 computers: 2 Notebooks, 1 Desktop, all with Win10 64Bit, Intel CPU, Chipset and Graphics. I have not installed any additional software in the area of security / firewall, but use the virus scanner built into Win10. On all 3 computers largely the same is installed: Various software: Office, Adobe and so on, so they are all very similar.

I have the same problem on all 3 systems:

- Garmin Express can be installed
- Garmin Express does NOT remove
- Garmin Express can NOT be installed in a new version, neither by manual download, nor by the update option in Garmin Express itself

I always have to go this way then:

This is very annoying, because then the computer has to be rebooted every time.

I've read about this problem from time to time, but have not found a solution.

All other software on the systems behaves normally, even with updates.

Does anyone have an idea what could help here?

Thank you very much and best regards